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Sale! DEWALT DW745 Heavy Duty 10-inch Compact Job Site Table Saw with 16-inch Max Rip Capacity

DEWALT DW745 Heavy Duty 10-inch Compact Job Site Table Saw with 16-inch Max Rip Capacity Product Description
A 15 Amp motor lets the DeWalt DW745 Heavy Duty 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw make quick work of everything from bevel cuts in hard woods to resizing sheet materials. Featuring a 16-inch maximum rip capacity, a patented rack and pinion fence that telescopes to deliver incredibly fast adjustments and improved accuracy, while also sliding into a compact position for transport, this saw is packed with thoughtful features that make it an easy choice. Bevel applications are easy to tackle with the ability to adjust the blade from 0 to 45 degrees, while the included 24T carbide blade provides improved cut quality and offers an extended life to save you money.

Other unique design elements include a metal roll-bar base that provides durability on the job, adjustable rear feet that make it easy to steady the saw on uneven ground, a special coating on the table surface that reduces friction for smoother cutting with less effort, and a dust port that allows you to connect a 2-1/2-inch shop vac and keep your work area clean. Kit includes saw, miter gauge, push stick, carbide blade, and blade guard. This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.


  • 15 Amp motor deliver 16-inch max. rip capacity for clean, quick cuts, even through hardwoods
  • Rack and pinion rail design for fast, easy fence adjustments
  • 0- to 45-degree blade adjustment for accurate bevel cuts
  • Weighs 45 pounds; backed by a 3-year limited warranty
  • Includes saw, miter gauge, push stick, carbide blade, and blade guard

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Best Portable 10" Table Saw Around
I work as remodeling contractor and recently bought this saw after both of my 10" craftsman saws died. It's very sturdy, has a built in measuring tape, and the rack and pinion fence gives you smooth cuts without binding. It's light enough to carry upstairs easily and fits great with the dw7450 stand. I use it for ripping trim, 1x hardwoods, and plywood. It's powerful and surprisingly quiet. I attach a 2" pvc pipe with an elbow into a 5 gallon bucket to easily catch the saw dust. When I need to cut inside I attach a shop vac. I got this saw for $300 on sale at Home Depot and the stand for $75. It's a quality tool that's a pleasure to use. Well worth the money.

Compact, light weight, portable, and powerful
This is a nice small saw, which is also its weakness, no room for a dado blade, and the fence stops at 16 inches. Miter gauge/guide is pretty much useless, it is too small, flimsy and it pops out too easy. But you can take it right to the work site, and carry it in your trunk.

Really good portable saw which won't break your back.
I bought this saw at Home Depot on Black Friday for $300. The saw comes with a postcard which when you send in will get you a free 50 tooth DeWalt finish blade.

My use at this time are to rip lumber to make window parts for my rotting casement windows and to repair the mahogany trim of my peeling front door. The photos of the saw on Amazon are out of date. The saw is now made with a different blade guard, which detaches easily and is stored on the right side near the anti-kickback blades. The push stick is stored on the right side of the fance.

My saw blade was square, but the fence needed just a bit of adjustment to get parallel to the blade. It is about 1/32" farther from the blade than indicated by the built in measuring tape. You can fix this by adjusting the set screws, but I know to take this into account and measure manually anyway to be sure. I also had to adjust the riving knife which was a bit too far bent towards the fence: I think it would have caught the workpiece otherwise. I have it adjusted to give just a bit of pressure towards the fence.

I chose this saw because the rack and pinion fence is a snap to adjust. It locks in place with a lever on the right side. I looked at a lot of other budget saws, but none were as consistent in locking up parallel to the blade as this one. In fact if you are not careful with some of the other saws, you could have more than 2 mm or about 1/16" of difference between the front and rear of the fence. Blade height adjustment is smooth and stable for me with good lockup.

The saw has a right sided capacity of 16 inches, but if you relocate the set screws which determine the fence position, you can actually get about 2.5 inches more capacity. Of course this renders the built in tape measurement inaccurate, but that is something you need to measure anyway.

Dust control is fairly good, but you do get a significant amount of dust from the top of the blade which is not removed by using the large vacuum connection at the rear of the saw.

My first cuts were on 7 and 8 foot long 1x8 and 2x8 Western red cedar, which were quite good using the included blade. It will take minimal sanding to clean them up. After gluing them up, I ran them through again for final sizing, and it was dead on accurate, consistent width, gobbling up the lumber smoothly. You do need to support the piece as it goes off the saw table. I have an old Mayo stand (used for medical instruments in an operating room) which is adjustable for height, but of course you use whatever you have or buy an adjustable support.

I like the "roll cage" design, which ought to protect well against most bumps. The fact is the yellow plastic base is not really sturdy but it is protected by the roll cage.

It is easy to change out blades, thanks to the quick release throat plate.

The saw is loud, I use hearing protection no matter what. There is no braking when the power is shut off.

All in all a great table saw, maybe not for the pro woodworker, but certainly fine for the contractor on the go and home user, an easily adjustable and compact portable saw. We shall see how it holds up.

Great Saw
Wow!!! What a great saw... Used it to trim out window frames and it cut my day in 1/2... Lightweight and easy to setup/take down.. Great power and very smooth.... I went with the rolling stand that is specifically designed for this saw... A bit expensive, but once you get past the price you'll find it to be an absolute "must have"... The saw snaps right into to the stand and within a few seconds you are setup and ready to go... Two carpenter buddies of mine saw me working with this saw... Long story short they are now owners of this saw too...

Best portable table saw
This saw is an engineering masterpiece! Kudos DeWalt! It has the best of all worlds.

-Lightweight and equiped with handles that make picking it up a breeze.

-Sturdy - the roll cage like frame prevents the plastic from getting damaged and the rubber bumpers protect the floor and give a nice solid feel. The hardware is all intact after over 2 years of everyday use.

-Accurate rip fence with easy adjustment and positive lock. The rip fence locks well and has a knob on the front that moves the rail that the fence clamps to. Rip fence extends out beyond table on slides that allow ripping larger materials.

-Powerful motor

-We have 3 of these and we have had minimal problems after 2 years of daily use. We had 1 bad switch and the gear that raises and lowers the blade stripped, but Dewalt warranted the repair.

A great tool to add to your repertoire.

More Info: Sale! DEWALT DW745 Heavy Duty 10-inch Compact Job Site Table Saw with 16-inch Max Rip Capacity

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